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Post  Ipquarx on Thu Jan 03, 2013 10:11 pm

Just a note to all users, if you have a project and want it to have it's own sub-board in this section, along with a project group, your project must meet the following requirements, it must:

  1. Be at the very least work in progress, we don't want untouched ideas laying around taking up space.
  2. Not be in a closed stage of development, as in if you're never going to work on it again, post it in addons, not here.
  3. Be well organized, with a real plan on how it's going to be achieved. Again, we want more than ideas.
  4. You MUST have an actual drive towards managing the project and towards finishing it. If you don't care about your project, let someone else post it if they want to and they have your permission.

If you believe your project meets these standards, give me a PM letting me know and I'll review it.

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