Item_Music - It's like an Ipod, but with more rainbow

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Item_Music - It's like an Ipod, but with more rainbow

Post  Meshiest on Sat Jan 05, 2013 6:33 pm

Item Music


An Item that lets the user play music from their player for every one to hear

/musiclist - To get a list of music
/setMusic song_Name - to set your song
Click with the item to toggle the music you are playing!

Download: download.php?8m3622wska18h6b

Sorry for the item not having a model... I will make a music note for v2

1.0 --> 2.0
  • Created a model for the drop

2.0 --> 3.0
  • Made setting music easier
  • Moved the item to the right hand (onFire wouldn't work no the left hand)

3.0 --> 4.0
  • Fixed some centerprint stuff
  • Made Song recognition (so you cant set your song to something that doesnt exist
  • Added more notifications when you do stuff wrong

4.0 --> 5.0
  • Fixed emitter issue

5.0 --> 5.1
  • Fixed issue with music not checking right


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